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Stretch Cotton burgundy red aerial clothing, burgundy leg warmer, burgundy cotton handmade panty, burgundy leg covers
No Slip Burgundy Red Cotton Leg Warmer
Burgundy Red Leg Warmer, aerial leg warmer, movement leg warmer, dance leg warmer, cotton activewear
No Slip Burgundy Red Cotton Leg Warmer

No Slip Burgundy Red Cotton Leg Warmer

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Non Slip Fitting Burgundy Red Cotton Thigh High Long Leg Warmers consciously created just for you.

Thigh high, boot cuff or bunched at the bottom. Long leg warmer stockings are perfect for layering or as-is. Casual, sleek, sexy, badass, and modest Stretch Cotton. Get down in all your creative movement glory whilst enjoying the outdoors or chilly indoor facility wearing long comfortable non slip leg warmers. Walk that entire campus without shivering legs with leg warmers worn thigh high. Layer to achieve your personal style with long soft leg coverings. Leg warmers are a great addition for movement and aerial artists. Be you, the unique you in comfortable Burgundy Red Cotton leg warmers.

Stretch Cotton Fabric
Natural Fitting or Elastic Non Slip
Soft to touch
3 - 4 inch stretch 

Zero Waste & Green Powered
Made to Order by Breezi
All fabric scraps are re-used


You want the ELASTIC to fit on your upper leg, where You desire
For Tight Fit: Take Your Thigh Measurement and subtract 2-3 inches. Then, find the Size that macthes that thigh measurement.
For Comfy Fit: Take Your Thigh Measurement and subtract 1-2 inches. Then, find the Size that macthes that thigh measurement.

Elastic: 14"
Foot: 8"
Length: ~30"

Elastic: 15"
Foot: 9"
Length: ~30"

Elastic 16"
Foot: 10"
Length: ~30"

Elastic 17"
Foot: 11"
Length: ~30"

Elastic 18"
Foot 12"
Length ~30"

Elastic 19"
Foot 13"
Length ~30"

-- The Fit [PLEASE READ] --

Recommended wear: Over a material, such as leggings.
Wearing on bare legs: You need a super duper tight fit. Refer to Size Guide link. Best for yoga, low flow pole, dance, with intimates, lounge.


No Slip Elastic Leg Warmers stay up on your leg all day during daily activity, movement, pole, walking, hiking, yoga, aerial, dance  and more.

Daily active no slip elastic fitting leg warmer for walking around town, walking to class through campus, and running errands day to night.
Movement no slip elastic fitting leg warmer for being right side up or upside down. Your leg warmer will stay up on your leg during general all day movement and are best worn over a pair of cotton leggings for snug thigh grip.
Hiking no slip elastic fitting leg warmers are great for outdoor adventures and camping as your legs will stay warm and protected while staying true to your unique style and comfort.
Yoga and aerial no slip elastic fitting leg warmer stay up on your thighs during lyra hoop, yoga class and inversions, aerial silks, aerial sling hammock, handstands, 
barre, dance class, and more. Soft and lightweight no slip leg warmers for aerial, yoga, and barre.