Size Guide

Don't be caught with your leg warmers down! Stay warm, younique, and comfortable with this easy size chart help for leg warmers.

You will want a snug fit around your upper thigh for natural fitting leg warmers
(or wear-ever you desire the top of your leg warmer to be on your leg).
Elastic-topped leg warmers offer size matching for the elastic band around your thigh.

Natural Fitting Size Guide Help

Rib Knit stretch is about 4-5 inches
Fleece stretch is about 2-3 inches

For examples:

19” thigh measurement commonly fits a size Medium Fleece and size Small Ribbed Knit.

15" - 16" thigh measurement commonly fits a size XSmall, which is 12" advertised (not stretched), for both Fleece and Ribbed Knit.

21.5" thigh measurement commonly fits a size Large Fleece and Medium Ribbed Knit.


Elastic-topped Leg Warmers 

 Elastic topped leg warmers surely have you covered with a snug and stretchy fit thanks to the elastic band at the top of your leg warmers. 

For size matching, you will want to take Your Thigh Measurement and then deduct at least 2 inches. Take that measurement and then find the size that corresponds to it.

You do NOT want the elastic to be the same measurement as your thigh, as you need the elastic too stretch a bit, as so it creates a snug hold around your leg.


What makes Fleece sew special? 

- Hydrophobic, holding less than 1% of its weight in water
- Fleece fabric is breathable, hypoallergenic, odor resistant, and not affected by salt water
- Dries very quickly
- Retains shape very well
- Very lightweight fabric, thin, ultra soft
- Breathes